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FAQ's for Promoters

Why Choose ZC Top for Your Event?


ZC Top understands that talent-buyers have options, and we strive to deliver a show that stands at the pinnacle of the entertainment programming spectrum. This website serves as a one-stop-shop for all your technical needs, streamlining the booking process for talent-buyers. If you can share some details about your event we will give you instant backstage access to essential materials, including:


  • Stage plot

  • Technical rider

  • Hi-res marketing images

  • Sample hardcopy tickets

  • Sample fill-in poster


How much do you charge for a show?


We tailor our rates to fit your budget and event requirements. Contact Garry at 613-484-3166 or visit our contact page for a no-obligation quote. We aim to provide competitive rates and exceptional value.


Will I know any of the songs you play? What songs do you play?


With over 200 ZZ Top songs, including 38 singles, you'll undoubtedly recognize and love our playlist. Brace yourself for a high-energy show featuring major hits like "Sharp Dressed Man," "La Grange," "Legs," "Tush," "Cheap Sunglasses," and more.


What type of events do you play at?


Our versatile show suits a variety of venues, from soft seat theatres, festivals, and motorcycle rallies to charity events, business conferences, tailgate parties, cruise ships, universities, and private gatherings. Share your vision with us, and let's create something extraordinary.


What is your travel range?


Our members hold Canadian passports and are ready for domestic and international travel. We're currently planning a 2025 tour of the UK and Europe, followed by Australia in 2026.


Describe your show, please.


We meticulously recreate the energy, charisma, and culture of a live ZZ Top show. Our performance goes beyond music, incorporating passion, charisma, costuming, stage dressing, and choreography. Expect a "wow" factor with moving lights, haze machines, lasers, and clever backdrops, creating a ZZ Top-u-mentary!


How long is your show?


With an extensive ZZ Top catalog, our show can range from 60 to 120 minutes, with 90 minutes being the most common duration.


What are your technical requirements?


Access our detailed technical requirements in the backstage link, featuring the stage plot and technical rider. We strive to keep our technical needs straightforward and manageable.


Do you need accommodations and meals?


Accommodations and meals depend on the show's location.


Do I have to provide the drum kit, amplifiers, PA system, and lights?


While we prefer to bring our own backline to get our look and sound.  We can discuss the best fit.  Our technical crew is ready to coordinate with yours.


Why should I book this act vs. another tribute show?


ZZ Top's universal appeal and 50+ years of coolness make this tribute a draw for a wide demographic. It's common to see three generations of families at our shows. Clever marketing can attract patrons from afar, boosting wristband sales and benefiting the local economy.


Who is your main demographic?


Our largest audience is the affluent baby boomer demographic, known for their love of live music and willingness to spend. They contribute significantly to ticket and souvenir sales, making them a prime target for successful festivals.


Do you have merchandise sales?


Merchandise sales are not typical for our events.


Do you do photo ops with fans?


Absolutely! Photo ops with the band following shows are essential for connecting with the audience. We provide a dedicated backdrop for meet and greet sessions and encourage fans to share images on social media.


What sort of following do you have?


Our extensive following includes ZZ Top fans, tribute fans, and fans of our musicians from other projects. Coupled with a robust social media reach, we connect with a diverse and large demographic.


Will you help market this show?


We actively contribute to marketing efforts by providing high-resolution images, marketing videos, participating in media interviews, and utilizing our social media connections. Your success is our success, and we can assign a dedicated marketing person to support your event.


Do you do charity events?


Yes, we aim to participate in 3-4 charity events annually. Reach out directly to discuss collaboration.


How far do you book in advance?


We accept bookings up to 24 months in advance, with prime dates often securing early reservations.


Do you require a deposit upon booking?


Yes, a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking date, refundable based on conditions outlined in the contract.

Do we have to sign a contract?


Yes, a contract/rider outlining show requirements, conditions, and remuneration will be provided. It's designed for a successful event and presented in plain language.


How available is your band for shows?


Festivals typically book us well in advance, especially for long weekends and special occasions. Considering ZZ Top's draw, planning early ensures availability on popular dates.


How long does it take to secure your band for an event?


You can secure our band within a few hours. Contact us, get a quote, sign the contract, and send the deposit.


I want your band! What do I do now?


Celebrate with a mini-fist pump, then call (613-484-3166) or email us through our contact page to kickstart the process. It's that simple!


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