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Chris from Albany, NY: "ZC Top knows how to rock! Their tribute to ZZ Top was spot on. The guitar riffs, the beards, everything was perfect. Can't wait to see them again."


Emma from Tonawanda, NY: "ZC Top blew me away! The stage presence and musical talent were incredible. It was like ZZ Top was right in front of us. Can't recommend it enough!"


Mark from Mississauga, ON: "ZC Top is a must-see for ZZ Top fans! The attention to detail, from the costumes to the music, is impressive. They transported us straight to ZZ Top's golden era."


David from St. Claire, QC: "ZC Top a apporté une expérience incroyable à St. Claire! La passion et l'énergie étaient palpables. Une soirée inoubliable qui honore vraiment ZZ Top."


Linda from Tracadie, NB: "ZC Top rocked! The show was high-energy and filled with ZZ Top's iconic tunes. A fantastic tribute that had the whole crowd dancing."


John from Cornwall, ON: "ZC Top brought ZZ Top's magic to life! The energy and authenticity were mind-blowing. I felt like I was at a ZZ Top concert in their prime."


Sophie from Quebec City, QC: "La performance de ZC Top était époustouflante! Une soirée mémorable avec tous les hits de ZZ Top. Ils ont vraiment capturé l'esprit du groupe."


Mike from Vancouver, BC: "Being a huge ZZ Top fan, I was skeptical, but ZC Top nailed it! The show was a wild ride through ZZ Top's greatest hits. These guys are the real deal."


Amy from Saskatoon, SK: "ZC Top exceeded all expectations. It was like ZZ Top was playing just for me. An unforgettable night!"


Kim from New York City, NY: "ZC Top brought ZZ Top to the festival! The show was electrifying, and the band's dedication to ZZ Top's legacy was evident. A rocking tribute that left me wanting more."

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