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About ZC Top

Get ready to experience the electrifying spirit of ZZ Top like never before with ZC Top, the world-class tribute band dedicated to capturing the essence of the legendary Texas trio. Formed in 2009, ZC Top is a powerhouse ensemble that pays homage to the iconic blues-rock sound and distinctive style that has made ZZ Top a household name for decades.  This is the essence of cool.


ZC Top brings together a talented group of musicians with a shared passion for ZZ Top's music, stage presence, and their signature bearded charm. Known for their attention to detail, ZC Top meticulously recreates the timeless hits that have defined ZZ Top's illustrious career, from the gritty blues riffs of "La Grange" to the infectious groove of "Sharp Dressed Man."


The show is not just a concert … it’s a ZZ Top-u-mentary that covers the decades, the costumes, the culture, and vibe that made ZZ Top famous.  Included are numerous costumes changes, 9 different guitars, a 10 piece drum kit, and those iconic beards. 


Whether you're a die-hard ZZ Top fan or a newcomer to their catalog, ZC Top guarantees a night of unforgettable music, nostalgia, and the unmistakable "Texas boogie" that has made ZZ Top an enduring force in the world of rock. So, grab your cheap sunglasses, don your best beard, and get ready to be transported to the heart of Texas with ZC Top – where every night is a celebration of ZZ Top's timeless legacy.

ZC Top

Meet the Band

Garry Lintner starring as Frank Beard


Garry Lintner has an extensive history as a professional musician.  He was a partner in the show-band Prime Time as managed by Pizzaz Productions.  Included in the troupe was Steve Smith who went on to star as the character Red Green in Canadian television.  Garry was the drummer in the program as they traveled across Canada touring numerous venues and sites for 10 years. 


Garry is the founding member and manager of the ZZ Top tribute band going back to 2009.  He has provided unwavering leadership and direction all-the-while delivering the skills of drums and vocals.  Garry's business sense has created successful tours domestically and international for the trio.  The main constant since 2009 has been the meticulous recreation of the great ZZ Top sound.  

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Bruce McElroy starring as Billy Gibbons


Bruce McElroy grew up in musical family and the presence of instruments and jam time was common.  Bruce learned to play the banjo, piano, and drums at a young age but soon migrated to guitar and vocals.  His family members toured professionally and had a big influence on him.  He grew up on country music and but once into his teens, he developed an appetite for the likes of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.   Overtime his musical tastes broadened and his guitar skills grew exponentially.  His guitar and vocal skills are a true gift to the ZC Top sound.

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David Mortensen starring as Dusty Hill

David Mortensen is a versatile musician renowned for his dynamic performances as Dusty Hill, excelling on bass guitar and vocals. With a rich history in professional music, David has graced theaters, festivals, and corporate events throughout Canada and USA. His musical journey includes Classic Rock and Country Bands. He is proficient on rhythm guitar, lead guitar and drums

Verona Car Show
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