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ZC Top: The Story

How They Got Here

The Best and Most Authentic ZZ Top Tribute Band

Dusty “Jay” Hill...”The Bass”

The love for music goes back to childhood for him. Being surrounded by an incredibly musical family, it was inevitable that he would one day play music and share  happiness and joy.

Tinkering with instruments at a young age, he picked up the guitar at 18. Slappin da Bass came soon afterwards and he was off and running!!!!!

Over the years Jay has played in many bands and fronted most of them. His vocal range and power allowed him to sing just about any song that was thrown his way.....

Consistently playing with top shelf players increased his experience of playing and singing live and this motivated the pursuit of excellence towards his craft.


The culmination of the blood sweat and tears have now come to this point in time.....


Ladies and gentlemen, 

it’s party time.....

please make welcome for your rockin PLEASURE...... that little old band from Texas 

Garry Lintner ,  the drummer. Garry was a late starter when it comes to getting involved with playing music. It was only by chance when he was ( in his late teens ) coaxed to sit down and try a friend's Christmas present a new set of drums, when he actually started to play a beat instead of just banging on them his friends were amazed that he could just sit down and play. Garry has been playing ever since that surprising day.

Garry, now a professional musician that has been playing with the same guys for over 25 years in one of Kingston's classic rock, and a ZZ Top tribute show band. Previous to this he was on the road for 5 years. The opportunity to travel across Canada and to work closely with Steve Smith from the Red Green Show was a fantastic experience. Pizzas Productions, their management company helped his band "Prime Tyme" record a live album in his home town Oshawa for general release.

All in all, Garry is a showman with  drum sticks that performs for the audience every time he plays.

Bruce McElroy caught the music bug early in life after receiving his first musical instrument at the age of eight. Growing up in a family of musician, Bruce had many different instruments to experiment with, including guitar, bass, drums, and piano, which he learned to play by ear.


In his first working band at the age of sixteen he was playing rhythm guitar and providing backup vocals in a classic country band. At twenty-five he joined an Eric Clapton tribute band playing rhythm guitar and has since been in numerous classic rock cover bands.


Bruce considers his vocals his main strength and with his broad range and powerful voice he is able to cover many different styles of music.


So hang on to your seats and bring your dancing shoes…. Bruce will have you clapping your hands, singing along, and rocking with the band.



Garry Lintner

613 484 3166


Bruce McElroy



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